Everybody aspires to be perfect in life. But some want to be more of it than others and work harder and harder towards it. And they rack their heads to climb greater heights than their peers. They want to be toppers at schools, universities and ascend corporate ladders faster.They want to be perfect in everything in life; want beautiful and smart spouses and want their kids admitted to the. best schools. They even choose smart friends. They want to achieve “many bests” at everything they do.

But man can have a few bests but not bests in every thing in life. One can buy the best meal but not the best hunger, thus the best taste. One can buy the best bed but not the best sleep. One can marry the smartest and prettiest spouse but not necessarily the best love. One can have a luxury car not necessarily the best feeling of traveling.

Aspiring after the highest goals and working. up to them is unquestionably a good idea but dying for perfection is a bad thing.

And racking brains trying to be best in everything is s big reason for anxieties and depressions.

The single most beautiful thing to do in life is to learn to live with imperfection. For perfection comes through a lot of struggles and life is too short for achieving. all our goals.

Student of Engineering.